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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 29, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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amid the country's crisis. and we'll introduce you to quasimo do the newly clound the world's ugliest dog. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. it's "way too early." ♪ good morning, everyone. it's monday, june 29th. welcome to way too early. the show that's been on the manhunt for three weeks and can now stand down. we begin this morning in upstate new yorky the manhunt for the two convicted murderers is now officially over. david sweat was shot by police and taken into custody on sunday spot bd alone state troop near the town con table new york. he was transferred to albany medical center being kept in a
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secure locked unit. he's in critical condition. it all comes two days after richard matt was discovered and killed by law enforcement in woods about six miles from where sweat was captured. >> the nightmare is finally over. it took 22 days. but we can now confirm, as of two days ago, as you know mr. matt is decreased and the other escapee, mr. sweat, is in custody. this was an extraordinary situation in many ways. the prisoner dannemora is over 100 years old. this is if first escape in 100 years. if you were writing a movie plot they would say this is overdone. but the investigation is not over. now that we have mr. sweat it gives us the opportunity to have more questions and provide more facts on the overall situation. >> the new york state police
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officer being called a hero this morning is sergeant jay cook. officialings say sergeant cook thought sweat looked suspicious told him to freeze and when he didn't, shot him twice in the tore so before he could run for a tree line. one person who is particularly grateful for his effort is the sister in law of sweat's victims. she took to facebook writing, quote, feeling so thankful for all of the members of law enforcement that have spent the last three weeks away from their families to track down these animal pps um certain that kevin was watching over all of you. and another case in north carolina, a convicted killers who officials say escaped with the help of a prison employee has been recaptured. 29-year-old christopher mcneill was discovered missing from a prison 40 miles southeast of charlotte. he was back behind bars last night. a 33-year-old prison worker is facing several charges in connection with that's cape including aiding and abetting a fugitive as well as have sex
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with an inmate. an attempt no resupply the international space station ended in failure on sunday. >> lift off of the space x falcon rocket added to the international space station -- >> it looked like a picture perfect launch until two minutes in shlths coming back shows vehicle on course on track. >> right after that the rocket suddenly exploded breaks apart over the ocean. this is the third failed space x mission in eight month bs and the company is working to figure out the problem. this latest mishap underscores the growing pains for companies hoping to do space travel. bailout talks between athens and it creditors broke down. the european central bank refused to extend vat l funding to greece's banks forcing athens
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to impose a bank shutdown in order to save off a banking collapse in that country. we're joined live from athens. julia, monday morning people waking up meant to be going to work. a lot of concern about the situation latest this hour in athens? >> reporter: you're absolutely right. people waking up this morning to the realization that they can only take 60 euros out of a cash point per day. also the baijs, the stock market going to be closed for at least a week. there's definitely a lot of concern about how people are going to pay their rent going forward, whether or not the banks are going to be shut. but on a day to day basis people are getting along as normal. the holidays the hotel is packed with holiday people. the number of people i spoke with yesterday didn't know the investigation was ongoing. but there's a concern about what
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the referendum is going to bring, if it's even going to go ahead. there's still two days until the current deal ends. so we could see the prime minister call the referendum off. there's so many unknowns at this stage. but what i can tell you, the majority, two-thirds of these people want to reruin in the rur yo zone. so even if those people say yes to a referendum if it goes ahead, it could mean further political instability even in an optimistic scenario. so i think people are just going day to day, will continue to try to take cash out. but what we saw over the weekend, around 40% only at the atms had cash in them. that wasn't due to the lack of availability cash. that was the lo git call problem of actually filling the machines up. i think people are cautious but they're getting on with their daily lives because they have to. >> we'll be watching that story
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for the next 48 hours as well. thank you. two more republicans are in the white house race today. ohio governor john casic will join the republican field on july 1st at the ohio state university. the two-term governor is hoping to meet a fund-raising goal of $15 million by tomorrow oes quarterly filing deadline. and new jersey governor chris christie will likely kick off his bid 24 hours from now. he's released his fistrst campaign video. "the wall street journal" reports that biden is being urged to join the race by his son hunter. unnamed sources ams tell the judge that before his death last month elder son beau biden encouraged his father to run. a historic decision on
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friday when the supreme court ruled 5-4 held the fundamental right to same-sex marriages in all 50 states. justice anthony kennedy writing for the majority it would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness excluded from one of society's oldest institutions they ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. the decision was welcomed in cities across the country. the white house was even illuminated in rainbow colors on friday and earlier this president had this to say. >> this ruling is a victory for america. this decision affirms what millions of americans already believe in their hearts. when all americans are treated as equal we were all more free. >> they're continuing the legal battle in texas. ken paxton informed county
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clerks that he believes state religious freedom laws permit them to refuse issuing marriage licenses to the same-sex couples. now in the wake of last week's supreme court decision senator tread cruz is proposing a change to the u.s. constitution. >> we node to hold the justices accountable. i am therefore proposing an amendment to the united states constitution that would subject each aefr every justice of the supreme court to periodic judicial retention. >> other republicans were less interested in carrying on the same-sex marriage fight. scott walker issued a statement against the ruling but didn't mention it in any other appearances. senator rand paul wrote an op-ed calling for the federal government to get out of the marriage business all together. jeb bush and lindsey graham react thd way. >> i'm informed by my faith about this and i believe in traditional marriage.
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i think now we need to focus on two things. how do we create an environment where people aren't discriminated against, where we respect people's commitment to long term loving relationships and where we also allow people to act on their religious conscious. >> i believe in traditional marriage but the supreme court has ruled and it's the law of the land and we'll abide by it. >> i agree with jeb. in my view put anytime the platform but it will in my view hurt us in 2016 because it's a process that's not going to bear fruit. i want to protect the religious liberties of those who believe that opposing same-sex marriage as part of their faith. in turkey thousands turned out sunday for a gay pride event in istanbul. but parade goers were met by tear gas. the authorities told them it was due to the march being held during the holy month of room
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come but they were given in warning ahead of time. two people were injured. several others detained. there are new concern among u.s. intelligence and law enforcement officials of an isis-inspired attack in the country through the july 4th weekend. the threat is based in part on the quote new normal of isis planning which uses social media to encourage follower to attack on small and large scales. the information proceeded friday's deadly attacks in tunisia and kuwait. a saudi man is believed to have carry out the suicide attack with the support of two locals now in custody. and at a beach resort in tunisia, an asis inspired gun ranged claimed lives. isis has claimed responsibility for both of those attacks. but it hasn't claimed responsibility for the one in france where officials say a worker at a gas plant has admitted to beheading his boss
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and then attempting to blow up the business. the u.s. and aroon will miss tomorrow's deadline to reach an agreement in their nuclear negotiations. talks will not go past the june 30th target tate as the iranian prime minister departed vienna yesterday. the sticky point is how much access the inspectors will receive. the united states insisten on more intrusive monitoring than iran is ready to allow. let's turn to south carolina where thousands gathered for the funeral of reverend clementa pinckney. >> what a good man. sometimes i think that's the best thing to hope for when
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you're eulogized. after all the words and recitations and résumés are read, to just say somebody was a good man. blinded by hatred the alleged killer could not see the grace surrounding reverend pinckney and that bible study group. the light of love that's shown as they opened the church doors and invited a stranger to join in their prayer circle. the alleged killer could have never anticipated the way the families of the fallen would respond when they saw him in court in the midst of unspeakable grief with words of forgiveness. he couldn't imagine that. vice president joe biden meanwhile attended services at the church where the attack took place on sunday. the vice president addressed the
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congregation and spoke about the importance of faith when dealing with pain and loss. >> i wish i could say something that would ease the pain of the families and of the church. but i know from experience and i was reminded of it again 29 days ago, that no words can mend a broken heart, no music can fill the gaping void. at least in any experience only faith faith. in north carolina an act vit made it her plan to remove the confederate flag. she said she couldn't wait for the state of south carolina to take action. bree newsome and another
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activist were charged with misdemeanor. the flag was rehoisted less than an hour later just in time for a rally of defenders by the rebel flag. >> it's not about the flag. it's about our rights. i'm here in honor of keeping what i believe needs to stay here is my southern flag. >> and pictures like this were seen throughout the weekend, confederate flags lit on fire. this picture from chicago like many across the country. nascar is trying to distant itself from the divisive symbol saying the flag is not welcome in area that that it controls but now will work to keep it away from the races all together. still ahead, on the heels of their nba finals loss lebron james is out of the contract with the cavs but that mean he's ready to leave cleveland again? plus -- ♪ ♪ >> a bad boy reunion at last night's b.e.t. awards.
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when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. time now for a recap of the sports. lebron james is becoming a free agent. the king is expected to pass on his player's option with the cavalier's next season. however james is expected to resign for a one-year deal with
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cleveland and won't plan to meet with any other teams. he eel be back next season. >> he's not coming to the knicks? >> not that i know of. in anaheim, the mariner's and the anangels tied at 2 in the 10th. >> gets by him. here comes calhoun. light that baby up. >> you hate to see a game end like that but they end the walk off win after the baseball from third scores after a wild pitch. here's the two-two. here's a slider. up in the air. it's playable for somebody. who wants it. nobody wants it. he's racing to second now gets past him. he's rounding third base. he's going to be waved in. here's the play at the plate. safe. >> in the park home run, a miscommunication between the
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yankees outfielder allowing him to circle the bases for inside the park home run. houston goes on to win it 2-1. and in telephone an outfield folly of similar vein. >> that ball beyond the rich of brian howard extra bases as it heads to the scoreboard. he bobbles and now span will go to third and frank gore still hasn't picked it up. >> that's not going to be on the personal reel. struggling to throw the ball to tin field allows the runner an extra base and the mets win it 3-2. >> we're laughing at it but that's his job and that's got to sting. >> the yankee highlight was horrible and i think that was worse. let's get an yun date on the weather. >> it can't be any chillier than it was in the northeast. what an ugly weekend.
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i felt bad for people who had beach plans. the rest of the week looks better better. this is the huge weather pattern from the winter. was really warm all winter in the west very cold in the northeast and that weather pattern has reestablishinged itself. do not look for a warm pattern in the northeast or the great lakes anytime soon. at least for the first 2000 weeks of july we're stuck with this. at least at this time of the year when the sun is out it feels warm. yesterday was a high of 59 in boston when it was 110 in boys. it was 51 degrees warmer in boise than boston. chilly areas in vermont. one spot didn't hit 50 degrees. that's just brutal stuff. he's talk about what we're going to deal with today. the rain has ended throughout the region in the northeast and i don't think it's going to return until tomorrow, maybe in
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the evening. we've had record ams of rainfall in baltimore, second wettest june on record in washington, d.c. it has been very wet. a lot of periods of heavy thunderstorms. it's cleared out today for a decent day. the only spot with rain out here is around indianapolis cincinnati to columbus pop today's forecast scattered storms in chicago to ohio kentucky, florida is going to get wet. look at the west. just because the peak of the heat wave is over, it's still 103 degrees in salt lake city. i don't think of phoenix weather. >> the weather this year has been bizarre. still ahead from the world's ugliest dog to the cutest baby you'll see all day. plus p. diddy returns to the stage for the first time since arrest and the bad boy may have lost a step or two.
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all right. let's get a look at some of the other headlines out there today. we'll turn to the control room. i don't think this is a title that a lot of people certainly want. >> no. >> hopefully this dog doesn't know about it either. >> i i don't want to agree on the judges.
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a pooch won an award that no one wants. quasimo do won the award of the dog's ugliest dog. born with a birth defect in his spine. now quasimo do was adopted by a vet at a florida animal shelter. and the dog and owner walk away with $1500. we have to disagree like i said before with the judges. i think he's pretty darn cute. let's go to los angeles with nicki minaj was among the big winners at the b.e.t. awards. even more memorable were the per performances performances. diddy fell through the stage during a performance alongside little kim, faith evans and 112. it looked like that's got to hurt. he made an okay recovery there. lostly and most importantly i'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the morning joe
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family. meet son of see onproducer daniel norwek born sunday afternoon 7 pounds 4 ounce ps. we can't wait to meet this beautiful baby board. a new member of the morning joe family. we can't be more proud. and the good news is dan already wakes up super early so no excuses for waking up in the middle of the night to change the diapers. that dus it for me and with the way too early." that baby was almost born in a cab. cute baby. yay, dan. much more on the capture of convicted killer david sweat. we'll speak with new york governor an cuckoo mo. >> greece in crisis colleagues its banks to avoid a run on cash withdrawals. plus south carolina senator paul thurman will join us, sharing his thoughts on president obama's powerful all
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